arara Inc. (hereinafter, “Company”) respects that the personal information stored with the Company is a valuable asset for everyone and strives to protect that information in accordance with the following policy.

1. Basic concept

The Company strives to continually formulate, implement and maintain company regulations and a personal information management system regarding private information protection to prevent the leakage of customer data, the use of that data for another purpose without consent or any other troubling situation.

2. Compliance

The Company understands the Personal Information Protection Law and Number Law and shall take the necessary and appropriate security measures and make an effort to prevent and rectify leakages, losses or damage to personal information handled by the Company to comply to laws pertaining to the handling of personal information, policies set by the state and other regulations.

3. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company shall obtain proper personal information after considering the business contents and regulations based on fair and appropriate laws and methods.

4. Use of Personal Information

5. Inquiries

The Company shall set up a special window for a change, disclosure, deletion, complaint and consultation request pertaining to the personal information (which can be changed) handled by the Company.


Please contact us using the information below for any inquiries related to disclosure of, complaints and advise on your information.


Enacted on : October 1, 2007 (revised)
Appointed on : October 1, 2016